General Policy

To achieve the company vision and mission, all members of the Board of Directors and employees of PT. Saga Hikari Teknindo Sejati have a commitment to:

  1. Improve customer satisfaction
  2. Improve product quality and our manufacturing technologies to meet customer requirements
  3. Produce and deliver our products on time
  4. Apply the latest technology in all segments of the production process in-line with technological advancements
  5. Lower costs through production efficiency in all segments of the production process
  6. Improve the quality of our human resources
  7. Protect the environment (encompassing the sustainable use of resources, mitigation and adaptation, climate change, and the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems)
  8. Produce environmentally-friendly products per customer requirements and applicable regulations
  9. Reduce the use of natural resources
  10. Maintain employee health and safety, prevent workplace accidents, prevent potential workplace accidents and employees from falling ill due to work demands
  11. Increase employee participation through consultations and communication
  12. Carry out continuous improvements through individuals and groups by making the Japanese 5S (seiri (整理) ‘sort’, seiton (整頓) ‘set in order’, seisō (清掃) ‘shine’, seiketsu (清潔) ‘standardize’, and shitsuke (躾) ‘sustain’) methodology our foundation to improve our product quality, work environment, and K3 (Indonesian: Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja ‘Occupational Health and Safety’) performance.

This policy is achieved through continuous improvements and the consistent implementation of quality, environment, and health and safety management systems in compliance with applicable legislation and other regulatory standards, without ignoring our social responsibility towards the surrounding environment and neighborhoods.

Kaizen Policy

Meaningful Innovation in New Era of Intelligence