ISO 9001 : 2015 (FEBRUARY 2018)

PT. Saga Hikari Teknindo Sejati will always try to do the best for all customers. Therefore we give great attention to the quality of our products. Since 2006 PT. Saga Hikari Teknindo Sejati have applied the ISO 9001 system as a form of our seriousness to always give the best, as given in our RCTI value where the “C” is Customer Satisfaction.

As the automotive business competition grew, we also try to always better every aspect of our system. This year, at 2018, we have upgraded our ISO 9001 to the latest 2015 version, where the emphasis is how we handle risks that may come about in our business journey. Top management is encouraged to think of multiple plans even for risks that have small chance to happen.

Also, there are no more Management Representative position because to be able to create working group in every level is a requirement for the company. Not stopping there, we may also add the ISO IATF system this year, which we believe will improve our company’s quality management in the automotive market greatly. Improvement is something that’s needed to be done on every sector, including the system where we operate, because we believe good business comes from a good system management.