QCC Isuzu ( August 2019 )

On August 22th, 2019 PT. Saga Hikari Teknindo Sejati received the third winner award from Suppliers QCC competition by PT. Isuzu Astra Motor. Our QCC team raised the issue of the down time of Heading machine setup which is too long and no standardization. The improvement reduces the down time of the machines because of setup. There were 40 Isuzu Astra Motor Suppliers participating in this competition.

There were three stages of selection in this Supplier QCC competition held by PT. Isuzu Astra Motor Karawang, which were big fifteen, big ten, and big three.The initial stage begin with the selection of papers from suppliers. In the second stage, the jury conducted field trip each supplier.

Then in the final stage, the suppliers made a presentation before the jury.This award motivates us to always improve our performance and create new innovations for the sustainability of the company.