On January 24, 2020, PT.Saga Hikari Teknindo Sejati was successfully won the second prize from Supplier QCC Event held by PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor. Our QCC team raised the theme on how to lower the cycle time of Stud Bolt rolling machine through the mechanism of Automatic Vibrator.

Previously our rolling process for Stud Bolt production was conducted with manual operation that caused high production time. To decrease the cycle time we change the rolling process to be operated automatically. The selection of winner itself consisted of 3 stages. The initial stage is the the paper evaluation stage. The second stage was judgement of zone 1 QCC SSC 2019 convention. We passed the convention from 23 companies to 7 companies. In the last stage, the judges visit the 7 companies and verified the implementation of the QCC. Based on these three stages. we won the second winner position.With this achievement, we are fully motivated to improve our quality performance and strive for the excellence.